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Australian project


This is one of the many door and window projects undertaken by NF Door and Window Factory in Australia. The house is located in the suburbs with pleasant scenery, where there is plenty of rain all year round, so there are high requirements for the water tightness, wind resistance and lighting of the glass doors and windows. The client customized various types of doors and windows such as swing doors, casement windows, folding doors and sliding doors for the house. The overall color of the doors and windows is simple and noble white, and the glass chooses the extra Clear Glass glass with high light transmission and the solid inner double door. Layers of hollow tempered glass, and thermal break aluminum profile material with better thermal and sound insulation properties for door and window frame materials. Aluminum alloy has the advantages of light weight, easy installation, high firmness and hardness. Thermal break design has good sound insulation performance, thermal insulation and thermal insulation. Excellent and more environmentally friendly, it is the preferred material for high-end custom doors and windows. In the entire door and window customization process, including size selection, material selection, design, production, and testing, customers and our design team and production team are involved in the whole process, striving to achieve more perfection. After the installation of doors and windows, the customer was very satisfied and sent us the renderings after installation, and expressed his approval of NF products. We are also very grateful for the trust of global customers and promise to work harder to provide customers with better products. and service.

Australian project



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