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Mar. 10, 2022

NF doors and windows factory workshop was successfully upgraded

NF doors and windows factory workshop was successfully upgraded

The world's famous home improvement building materials brand - NF doors and windows company, located in No 1, West Road of Xianxi Reservior, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, China The factory was established in 2017, and has customized and produced Thousands of aluminum doors and windows for folding doors,sliding doors,folding windows,Tilt and Turn Window,Double Hung Window,etc. With the increasing number of NF customers and orders, the previous production workshop could no longer meet the current needs. After internal discussions within the company, the company decided to comprehensively upgrade the factory workshop. First of all, in order to meet the increasing production demand, The production area has been expanded to 10,000 square meters now, and all working areas are scientifically divided, and raw materials such as hardware and glass are stored in different areas according to their materials, characteristics, functions and other attributes. After partitioning, the staff can find the required door and window accessories faster, which improves work efficiency and shortens the production and delivery cycle. At the same time, the factory purchased a number of advanced door and window production and processing machinery, such as automatic CNC metal cutting machine, aluminum profile drilling machine, keyhole slot processing machine, heavy-duty angle forming machine for broken bridge heat insulation, and aluminum-plastic door and window copy milling machine. It greatly improves the processing efficiency and processing accuracy, and provides an effective guarantee for the quality of customized doors and windows. The workshop has made more scientific adjustments to the production stations, so that the production of doors and windows can achieve a streamlined production process and a scientific production mode. The upgraded NF factory has greatly improved the production efficiency and quality of customized doors and windows. Welcome customers from all over the world to inquire and order, we will provide you with a full range of services at any time.

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